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Micro-fiber Series


Giotto’s Micro-fiber system is the best way to clean and polish your lenses, screens and eyeglasses, stop using chemicals and harsh cloths. Use this ultra fine cloth to clean all delicate surfaces. The pouch and glove with drawstring and lock is used for cleaning, polishing and storage. It is perfect for small electronics, glasses & Jewel, it very effectively keeps your items free of fingerprints, smudges, dirt and dust without scratching. Giotto’s Micro-fiber is made from a high-tech quality material with an anti-static feature with unsewn edges to prevent scratching and fraying.





 ▶ Non-Scratching with unsewn edges. 
 ▶ Super absorbent with an anti-static treatment.
 ▶ Safe on all your delicate surfaces.
 ▶ Washable, Reusable, Remarkable. 
 ▶ Cleans nearly all surfaces without soap or detergent.
 ▶ Use it anywhere washing, cleaning, dusting, wiping.
 ▶ No chemicals involved - no harmful fumes or vapors, gentle to your hands.
 ▶ No more paper towel waste, environmentally friendly - no chemically polluted water.







Micro-fiber Magic Cloth

CL 3611    Blue
CL 3611R  Red
CL 3611G  Gray
CL 3613    Blue
CL 3613R  Red
CL 3613G  Gray

CL 3612    Blue
CL 3612R  Red
CL 3612G  Gray
CL 3614    Blue
CL 3614R  Red
CL 3614G  Gray

Special Natural Chamois Leather

The natural chamois leather is great for cleaning. It features soft, extremely absorptive, removes smoothly the mists and vapours from lenses or mirrors - inside and out. It does not leave any streaks and excellent in collecting water from any photo equipment.

Color: Light yellow
CL 3711   15x15cm    (5.9x5.9in )
CL 3712   26x37cm    (10.2x14.5in)
CL 3713   Irregular shape (about 1500 cm2)



Micro-fiber Cleaning Pouch

CL 3631    Blue
CL 3631R  Red
CL 3631G  Gray
Suitable for
zoom lens

CL 3632    Blue
CL 3632R  Red
CL 3632G  Gray
Suitable for
zoom lens
CL 3633    Blue
CL 3633R  Red
CL 3633G  Gray
Suitable for 300/
zoom lens
Micro-fiber Cleaning Pouch
CL 3621    Blue
CL 3621R  Red
CL 3621G  Gray
CL 3622   Blue
CL 3622R  Red
CL 3622G  Gray
CL 3623   Blue
CL 3623R  Red
CL 3623G  Gray

CL 3624   Blue
CL 3624R  Red
CL 3624G  Gray

CL 3625    Blue
CL 3625R  Red
CL 3625G  Gray

CL 3626   Blue
CL 3626R  Red
CL 3626G  Gray

CL 3627   Blue
CL 3627R  Red
CL 3627G  Gray


Dimension: a x b










Micro-fiber Cleaning Protective Wrap

This multi-purpose protective wrap was designed to clean and
protect your delicate equipment during transit and/or storage.
With velcro for custom fit to each piece of equipment.
Safely cushions your camera, lens and more.

CL 3641    Blue
CL 3641R  Red
CL 3641G  Gray
CL 3642    Blue
CL 3642R  Red
CL 3642G  Gray
CL 3643    Blue
CL 3643R  Red
CL 3643G  Gray



Micro-fiber Cleaning Glove

CL 3628    Blue
CL 3628R  Red
CL 3628G  Gray
Right hand 12x24cm 
CL 3629    Blue
CL 3629R  Red
CL 3629G  Gray
Left hand 12x24cm 
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