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Mechanism and functions






Patented lockable suspension
 system,Effectively reduce any impact with build-in suspension. Reduce pressure on knees
during downhill (effectively protect knees). Increase steps stability. Keep body balance.



Patented Flick Lock System
Quick and easy to use without any constrains,More convenience comparing to traditional flick lock

Super strong tip design
Tungsten alloy tip:long lasting, durable and anti-slip

Tip selections
3 types of rubber tips to adopt different ground surfaces: gravel, mud, and snow 


Grip design
EVA foam:comfort grip and sweat absorption

Wrist Strap design
Smooth, easy to use and safe

Length Mark
Ergonomic design on height: Extend up to 150cm(standard height for shooting).No need to bend and cause back
problem, Comfort and safe to usefor everyone.

Note: When extend the pole, please do not extend beyond the "stop"mark; otherwise,

 the pole might break and cause danger.




Bluetooth 3.0 remote shutter
Clip-on type  for remote shooting or stand-along use.No need to switch system:it complies with both iOS and
Android systems.(Use CR2032-3V button battery:convenience for outdoor use with out worrying about recharge)



Reduce the burden

Reduce the pressure on the knee joint 22%,

To fully protect the knee;

To exercise the whole body muscle,

Protect the waist and spine;

Reduce the physical consumption of 30%;



Easily and freely

Improve the stability of walking,

Maintain a balance,

Avoid sports injury;

Improve the body's movement range and frequency,

Lifting speed;



The daily walking exercise effect, protect the knee.  

The foot balance slip, improve the body stability.

The mountains across the balanced spine weight, lower extremity pressure.             

The snow climbing improve cardio respiratory effect, reduce the energy consumption of wang.

The desert crossing support force, load balance, reduce energy consumption.         

The wetland through balance slip, exploration road, improve the stability.

Compatible with standard tripod, Low  profile  mini. Tripod,monopod,  selfie stick for best shooting experience.


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